About Teddy Sagi


“The way the world is going, people like to have engagement and entertainment.

People want to connect with each other, to see each other” 

– Teddy Sagi

Teddy Sagi is a visionary entrepreneur and businessman with interests ranging from software and technology development to online security, property, e-commerce and co-working.

Teddy was born in Tel Aviv in 1971 and founded Playtech before the age of thirty. Playtech is the world’s leading online gaming software company and was listed on the London AIM market in 2006; six years later, it was successfully listed on the London’s main market. In 2016, Teddy divested and diversified his business focus; since then his stake has been reduced through several transactions with the final stake being sold in November 2018.

Teddy launched two other AIM-listed online services companies – Kape Technologies PLC, an internet security and digital distribution platform and SafeCharge, an online payment service provider. In August 2019, Teddy’s entire interest in SafeCharge was sold to a Canadian payments tech company for USD 890 million, and as a result of the acquisition, SafeCharge was delisted from the LSE. Following a successful take-private public offer valuing Kape at US$1.6 bln, Kape’s shares were de-listed from AIM on 31 May 2023. 

In recent years, Teddy has invested into the London commercial property market via a notable investment in Market Tech Holdings. Market Tech Holdings is the owner of the vast majority of London’s iconic Camden market including Camden Lock Market, Stables Market, Union Street Market, and Camden Lock Village.

Market Tech was previously a main market company listed on the LSE, since privatised and delisted following a successful and mutually beneficial takeover.

Teddy Sagi’s interest in Market Tech Holdings is held by LabTech Investments. LabTech Investments creates urban communities that provide co-working, living, commerce and leisure, enabled by technology, powered by people and underpinned by a multi billion property portfolio. The company owns and operates a property portfolio within London, which is at the heart of LabTech’s vision and strategy. The portfolio spans 2 million sqft across Camden, Holborn and Kings Cross, three of the city’s most vibrant areas. Following the amalgamation of the existing portfolio over the last 12 months, the Group disposed several investment properties for an aggregate amount of c. £750m, out of which £602m were used to fully repay the AIG facility, reflecting the successful execution of its business plan and a high profit margin. 

Through Teddy Sagi’s private arm, other properties are also held in Florida, Tel Aviv, Dubai, Madrid, Bucharest and Nicosia. 

Teddy lives with Yael Nizri, the 2006 Miss Israel and their family. They have homes in Tel Aviv, London, Dubai, Paris, New York and Cyprus. 

Teddy Sagi’s vision remains focused on transforming the way we work, live and network. Underpinning this entrepreneurial vision is a conduct of business premised on robust corporate governance and on the highest regulatory compliance and transparency standards.